About People Phone

Why People Phone?

People Phone is the latest release from the creators of SecretTelephone.com!

We created People Phone to make the technology we built for our high engagement participatory art projects available to other members of the creative community who might need similar tools.

With People Phone, you get a dedicated phone number that you can share with your audience to capture caller voicemail, store transcripts, and give you a growing kit of parts to collaborate with your editorial and production teams.

With Google Voice’s legacy notes and call tracking features reaching their end of life soon, radio producers and podcasters are left without the essential tools we need to help manage shared voicemail boxes with our production teams.

Let’s face it. There’s never a good time to hear that the apps you depend on are being discontinued or updated in ways that break the critical features you built your brand on.

We were inspired to build People Phone because folks from our community were tired of big companies offering free products with unsustainable business models that leave artists and creatives scrambling for replacements.

With People Phone, you get a dedicated phone number that you can share with your audience (you can also forward your existing Google Voice number to your People Phone number) that captures caller voicemail, transcribes recorded voicemail audio, and gives you powerful tools to collaborate with your editorial and production teams.

And People Phone is growing. We have an exciting roadmap for new and expanded features that we’ll be building in to our platform over the coming months, ensuring that your team has everything it needs to keep track of call audio (and more!) coming in from your audience around the clock.

Together we create technology, audio and visual works to encourage genuine personal expression and social interconnectedness.

How It Works*

  1. Sign Up below and get your own phone number to share with your audience.
  2. Your People Phone number works like a voicemail box for people to call in and leave messages. You can customize your welcome message or provide your own recording to play when someone calls.
  3. Messages appear on your People Phone dashboard as they come in. Download the messages in MP3 or WAV formats, store transcripts, or tag your messages to keep track of them.

*People Phone is currently available as a limited beta. We’re continuing to build new features and refine our service, so please make sure you’re comfortable supporting a “work in progress”. We’d be so grateful for you to give People Phone a try for your project and tell us what you think! : )